R W Motor Engineering specialise in Vehicle Remapping / Chip Tuning on ECUs (Electronic Control Units) in the Sussex area. If you’re looking for extra mpga smoother drive with increased power and torqueremove/install speed limit or remove diesel particulate filter, we’re ECU Vehicle Remapping Specialists for just that job! Using the latest engine tuning technology, we can increase the power of your car by up to 50% and save up to 20% more on your mpg for most makes and models built from 2000 onwards.

Why Use Vehicle Remapping / Chip Tuning Services on your ECU?

  • To save fuel and therefore fuel costs.
  • To increase the performance of the vehicle providing inreased power and torque.
  • Remove speed limit or installation to any speed specification (stopping lorries going over certain limit, or allows fast car to exceed speed limit set by manufacturer) includes agricultural (fuel economic), commercial or domestic cars.
  • Remove Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) software from Electronic Control Unit – ECU as well as physically removing DPF from vehicle and replacing with an exhaust piece.

RW Garage service Car Performance Tuning Plumpton, Haywards Heath

The goal of car performance tuning is to achieve excellence in the basic functionality, fuel efficiency, safety, speed and acceleration, braking, and the durability factors. Restoring the structural and the functional levels to the nearest possible factory condition is the aim of every efficient car mechanic.

Car engine tuning is the most critical aspect of balancing the automobile health. It involves the spark plug, battery cables, crank shaft, connecting rod, piston, and the other external and internal parts. For example, the connecting rods may generate lot of noise during working. It could be due to low oil pressure, misalignment of parts, or drying of lubricants. Fine tuning involves restoration of normal pressure, proper alignment of parts and refilling of lubricants. Similarly, the other parts can develop problems in part alignment, screws and nuts, bearing, shaft etc. Fine tuning includes re-alignment and calibration of the individual parts and components. A fine tuned car engine consumes fuel economically and increases its working efficiency. The probability of breakdown reduces considerably, regardless of the road and climatic conditions.

Fine tuning the wheel alignment improves the balance throughout the car body. An efficient car mechanic diagnoses the entire wheel and the Tyre (tire) alignment for the positive and negative cater, camber, toe, thrust angle, setback, and the other types of defects. Improper inclination of steering and axis, rack & pinion, tires and the other parts can be corrected through car performance tuning.

The car mechanic handling the performance tuning procedures has to be highly efficient, expert and experienced in handling the multiple types of defects due to accidents, aging, external impacts, and the internal damaging causes.

Repairing and replacing the damaged parts and components should be given the top priority before attempting to fine tune them or the rest of the connected parts. It is the only way to ensure maximum safety and protection along with increasing the performance efficiency.

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