RW Motor Engineering provides car repair services to the highest quality, priding itself on looking after your vehicle with the utmost care.

Our mechanics want to get you back on the road in tip-top condition – quickly, so you’re safe and sound leaving all your motoring concerns in our capable hands.

All car repairs detailed below apply to all vehicle makes and models including old and new domestic, commercial and 4×4 vehicles.

Servicing including installation of leak detection fluid, pollen filter replacement, system fault diagnostics and all repairs undertaken.

Brakes are fitted to the highest standard using only high quality parts, ensuring maximum braking efficiency.

All cambelts are fitted as a kit, and replaced with water pumps where necessary.

Using top quality clutch kits including dual mass fly wheel replacements.

All repairs undertaken including water pump replacements, radiator reconditioning, heater matrix replacements and thermostats.

We have the latest and most up to date diagnostic systems to cover all vehicles which will establish exactly the problem your car is having.

We undertake all auto-electrical repairs on all vehicle systems. We have the latest and most up to date diagnostic systems to cover all vehicles.

Including cylinder head gaskets, rebuild, oil pumps, crankshafts, camshafts, pistons, valves.

Top quality exhausts including catalysts and Lambda sensor replacements.

Including airbags, seatbelts.

All suspension system repairs including air suspensions.

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All repairs undertaken to transmission systems, replacement of gear boxes, differentials, drive shafts, prop shafts and all associated components.

All welding repairs carried out to our highest standards.

4 wheel alignment, fully calibrated equipment, using all the manufacturer settings, drive smoothly!

RW Garage Service Car Repairs in Plumpton, Haywards Heath

Finding a good mechanic for your car repairs is similar to searching for a team of specialists in cardio, orthopedic, neurology, ENT, and so many other sciences in one place! He knows the technology and he has the tools to fix every known and unknown defect in your favorite car. He can understand every strange noise from the automotive parts and use his intuition and experience to diagnose the cause immediately. He can fine tune the wheel alignment, fuel injection, springs and stabilizers, lubrication, engine, and the other moving and non-moving parts.  He is the best medical and surgical specialist for the entire automotive parts you can find.

Apart from fixing the broken and malfunctioning parts, car repairs also involve replacements. A good car mechanic can evaluate the lifespan and working condition of a part through diagnosis and testing. Part replacement may seem to be expensive for you as a customer. It is because fixing works out to be cheaper. But onetime replacement could be better than fixing it ten times and still carry the risk of breakdown and accidents. Trust your auto mechanic to deliver the best. He knows every part of your car from the front hood to the hind wheel like the back of his hand.

Car repairs can be minor, major, critical, and chronic. Every defect and damage starts from a micro or macro level symptom and gets bigger until the final breakdown happens. A good car mechanic can fix the problem using the well known 3-way formula. Repair the cause, fix the symptoms, and prevent the conditions that create the cause are the three basic principles.

Now, let us get down to costing. DIY Vs car mechanic is your dilemma. DIY may work in minor repairs. But you should know which screw should be tightened and which one replaced. Car repair mechanic may sound expensive. But he can ensure safety, durability, technical feasibility, and cost savings also. When you use the calculator, you will know.

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