Here at RW Motor Engineering, we offer a full and comprehensive range of the most up to date and sophisticated diagnostics equipment for keeping all of your electrical systems in order for both old and new vehicles alike.

For all vehicles types including cars, commercial vans, 4x4s; all fuel types, from petrol to the most sophisticated diesel engines and from the Metro to the Ferrari, with our in-depth experience of vehicle diagnostics, we can guarantee that we will be able to fix even the most problematic faults (previously undetected) with your vehicle and at a price that will not leave you out of pocket.
We are specialists in diagnostics systems ranging from engine management, ABS and traction control systems, gearbox electronics (including automatic vehicles), air suspension (eg Land Rover), audio systems, central locking, instrument clusters, air bag and all electrical systems.

We also work on carburetted fuel systems irrelevant of age, where experience and knowledge in this type of now obsolete fuel system has all but disappeared.

We can also carry out replacement and reprogramming of all vehicle electronic components including injectors, fuel pumps, ECUs, instrument clusters and any other electrical components.

RW Garage service Fuel Injection Cleaning Plumpton, Haywards Heath

Fuel injection cleaning service can restore the engine efficiency back to the standard levels, besides improving the fuel consumption rate. The complex device contains many internal parts like the fuel seal, filter basket, solenoid, pintle valve, cap, rubber seals, and the fuel outlet hole. Deposits of dust, dirt, and rusted scales from the internal and external parts can clog the fuel injector. The car mechanic uses the best methods to clean the entire device. There are many methods of cleaning which include manual, ultrasonic, and the other automated procedures. The experienced can mechanic will choose the most appropriate method based on the model, type, design, and the other related parameters upon inspection and diagnosis.

The fuel injection cleaning service can reduce the fuel consumption when the engine is idling. It can control the engine temperature from running high due to clogged fuel flow at runtime. It prevents the engine from experiencing failures during runtime.

An experienced car mechanic will use the advanced fuel injection cleaning kits to perform the task efficiently. Ultrasonic cleaning is the advanced technology which restores the optimum flow rate by removing all the blocking elements accurately. Conventional methods use the cleaning solvents which are circulated within the interiors at a specific pressure and temperature. The number of cycles and the frequency depend on the hardness factors of the dirt and dust deposits within the internal parts of the fuel injector.

Testing the injector after the cleaning procedures can tell you about the efficiency of the mechanic and the used equipment. In most of the cases, he can clean the system without disassembling it from the car.

Using the DIY procedures for the fuel injection cleaning can be time consuming, complex, and prone to multiple risks of safety and fuel waste at runtime. So, you can benefit better when you choose an experienced car mechanic to perform the task.

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