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Vapour blasting

RW Motor Engineering are equipped to carry out vapour blasting, the natural choice for cleaning grease, rust, factory coatings, or other contaminants from old auto or motorcycle parts. The cleaning and stripping process goes quickly and the finish is softer than other methods. Aluminium, chrome, or steel surfaces have a satin-like finish at the end of the process.


Vapour blasting uses pressurized water and abrasive blast media. The media and water are pressurized in, then propelled through a blast nozzle and mixed with compressed air. 

The biggest advantage of vapour blasting is it produces a finer finish on a surface than traditional dry blasting. The water flushes out the abrasive, so there is no impregnation of the blasted surface. Any sediment or residual abrasive media is washed out. This leaves a cleaner surface and keeps components cleaner for longer.

Vapour blasting

Vapour blasting is preferred when you have a surface that you would like to preserve. We can use much finer abrasive media, as the water is a more effective conduit for fine mesh abrasives.

Vapour blasting is generally much gentler than dry abrasive blasting. The water acts as a cushion and a dampener, meaning the surface profile is dispersed more evenly, in a feathered pattern. This allows for a finer process. When the abrasive hits the blasted surface, the shattered particles are contained within the water. The spent media is collected in a drain basin or other receptacle.


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