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carbon cleaning

We use BG Products carbon cleaning technology to clean the inside of your engine, keeping it running optimally.

We use revolutionary technology which is more efficient, ecological and much kinder to the engine than the traditional chemical methods used.


The process is also non-invasive: a technician can now clean an engine in a matter of minutes without first disassembling it.


Finely tuned, high efficiency engines used by modern vehicles are extremely sensitive to deposits that build-up on intake valves and combustion chambers. After a few thousand miles of driving, most engines have accumulated sufficient deposits in these areas to cause real drivability problems such as poor starting, hesitation and loss of power.

Used by a professional technician our induction system cleaner is designed to be used on petrols and diesels with amazing results improving engine performance, reliability and fuel economy. 

BG Products

As a result of a carbon clean you should feel a noticeable difference afterwards, including these main benefits:

  • Better fuel economy

  • Smoother running engine

  • Better throttle response

  • Restored engine performance

  • Lower carbon emissions expelled into the environment


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