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BRAKE Disc skimming

Brake disc skimming is the process in which the brake discs of a vehicle is skimmed to renew the disc surface. 

Disc skimming is now a very popular procedure to renew brake discs due to the affordability of the process. Brake discs can be skimmed more than once during its lifetime, leaving us with the option to have the procedure done routinely for maintenance instead of having the discs replaced before it really becomes necessary. Disc skimming can add valuable time to the lifespan of the brake discs of a vehicle.

What are tell-tale signs that brake discs need some attention?

  • Discs are blemished or rusty

  • Brake pads are ready to be changed but the discs are not completely worn yet

  • Brakes feel spongy, slow or lazy

  • There is brake vibration or judder

  • Squealing of the brakes

  • Brake discs are worn/lipped

Brake disc skimming

So why would you opt for brake discs to be skimmed by RW Motor Engineering?

The discs are measured to ensure that there is actually enough disc to be skimmed before the skimming procedure is considered. A workable surface thickness is determined by the manufacturer and a professional technician will be able to tell if the discs can be skimmed. If the discs are too thin it is advised to replace it in order to comply with road safety and manufacturers regulations. A thick enough disc is a very good candidate for skimming during your vehicle’s next service.

When it becomes apparent that you need to replace brake pads but the discs are still ok, skimming is a very good maintenance option for several reasons:

  • Skimming removes the “wear” lip created by repeated braking

  • The disc contact surface is cleaned from rust, dust and other particles that may cause damage to the brake system

  • All friction material and debris that may be embedded into the disc is safely removed with skimming

  • Noticeable improvement in brake efficiency after skimming of the discs


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