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remapping and chip tuning

RW Motor Engineering is the leading vehicle Electronic Control Unit (ECU) remapping company in South East England.  With many years experience in vehicle tuning, performance upgrades and race car preparation both mechanical and electrical, we have the knowledge and experience to tune your car to the exact requirements you need.

We specialise in the performance tuning of engine management systems, improving the efficiency of the engine, drivability, BHP power output, torque and fuel economy of all types of petrol and diesel engines. We use the very latest techniques and equipment to make it simple to have your car engine tuned. We can accommodate most makes and models of vehicle, reliability is never compromised and all work is carried out in a professional environment with all of the background experience and knowledge required.

  • We specialise in the tuning of all ECUs, from old cars requiring chip writing and installation, to modern ECUs using all of our latest and best equipment.

  • We also have the equipment to bench tune ECUs that require removing from the vehicle in some cases.

Using the latest engine tuning technology, we can increase the power of your car by up to 50% and save up to 20% or more on your mpg for most makes and models built from 2000 onwards.

Evolution Chips

We are an Evolution Chips official master installer, one of Europe's premier performance remapping companies, having been remapping vehicles since the company's conception. We are therefore fully equipped to remap virtually any vehicle for you.


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