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Fuel injector cleaning restores engine efficiency back to the standard levels and also improves the fuel consumption rate. The fuel injector devices contain internal parts like  fuel seals, filter baskets, solenoids, pintles valves, caps, rubber seals, and the fuel outlet holes. Deposits of dust, dirt, and rusted scales from the internal and external parts clog the fuel injector.


Poor performing injectors can have a detrimental effect on the vehicle's performance. Failure to maintain the injectors performance can cause long term damage to the engine, resulting in expensive repairs. Servicing them will ensure they maintain their

We use manual, ultrasonic, and automated procedures to clean the entire device. This reduces the fuel consumption when the engine is idling, controls the engine temperature when running and prevents engine failures.

The cleaning cycles are followed up by a thorough test to ensure all debris has been removed and the system is back to original manufactured condition.

Feul injection testing and servicing
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  • We are an official ASNU test and servicing dealer and are able to offer performance injector upgrades.

ASNU fuel injection cleaning


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